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Tea Party Dolls for Little Girls

Did you ever hold a tea party and there was nobody there to drink the tea? That’s how your little girl might feel if she has a tea party with her miniature tea set. Most companies like Addison and Madison, which make porcelain tea sets, also make porcelain dolls for sitting around with and drinking tea. These guests are usually quite big and well appointed in every way. They tend to be between fourteen and twenty inches tall, have long styled hair and are made out of porcelain.

Madison makes porcelain tea dolls that look like they are visitors from the Victorian era. They boast long velvet coats, plush satin and chiffon skirts with lots of ruffles, lacy parasols and lots of curls. Many of them also wear hats with feathers sprouting from the cap.

They are, like many collectibles of this nature, sold by name. For instance, Addison’s sweet Marjorie doll is fourteen inches tall, has blonde curls and an overcoat that is olive green. Her dress is made of white lace ecru and her hat is piled high with snowy white feathers.

The Isabella porcelain doll is a song in a pink and green velvet ensemble. Her rose colored sun hat boasts roses and she carries a pot of roses. She has a cascade of coiled auburn curls and an air about her that is definitely a bit spirited and Irish.

The Chloe porcelain doll has a mauve velvet overcoat, a cream colored satin and lace dress and carries a heart shaped satin purse. She has a hat that sprouts a cascade of feather and small white birds.

Needless to say all three of these characters would be interesting company at a tea party. However porcelain dolls can be quite pricey and they can break. Most mothers buying porcelain dolls like this (like me) are more buying them for themselves. If your child is the kind that likes to throw things, then maybe a tea doll made out of delicate china is not the best idea.

If your little girl is short on guests for her tea party she can always enlist the aid of her stuffed animal collection. Simply take all of her favorite friends and seat them around a little table so they can enjoy their pretend party. To make it a little more real pour juice in the teapots (grape juice looks like tea) and let her eat fruit, cakes and cookies with her friends.

Children’s Toy Sets

What is cuter than a little girl’s toy tea set? Toy tea sets are beautiful and they become collector’s items that are passed down as heirlooms (that is if someone does not manage to lose a cup or a pot along the way.) The teapots are really small and typically hold two to five ounces of liquid and the tea cups often just hold an ounce or two of liquid. Most of these little China tea pot sets also come with cute little creamers and sugar containers and sometimes little spoons of either china or silver to match.

One of the most popular motifs for toy teapots is bunnies. There are toy china tea sets made with bunny, mice and duck images by story teller and illustrator Beatrix Potter n them but there are many different realistic portrayals of bunnies on child’s tea pots. However when it comes to gorgeous little teapots and cups Beatrix Potter is not the only game in town. There are many more anonymous illustrators and designers out there that have put their designs on teapots and the bunnies are equally as cute an equally as realistic.

You can get teapot collections made by Disney, but like the Beatrix Potter collections they have become a bit too common and corny. The company called Cardew makes a unique European looking Snow White teapot that features her and the seven dwarfs and that does not look much like the Disney version of the popular storybook character. If you think Disney is too corporate it is a good idea to look around for something less commercial. It does exist.

Reutter Porcelain is a great company that makes all kinds of different storybook character based tea sets. One of their nicest lines is their Alice in Wonderland line which features pictures of Alice playing croquet with the Pink Flamingo and The Red Queen. The illustrations are based on the original ones by Lewis Carroll.

There are also some companies that simply make tinier versions of their adult collectible teapots. These have beautiful floral patterns and nice gold trim. Madison is quite a famous old company that makes beautiful tea sets that are packed in a beautiful designer paper and wood box that matches the pattern on the tea set.

The nice thing about these teapots is that they already come wrapped. Many sets come in nice boxes or even wood cases. Quite a few are packed for gift giving in their own closing and locking picnic baskets.

Gowns for Flower Girls

Wedding season is going to be coming up soon which means that you might have a little one who is invited to a wedding. This means that you might have to buy your little flower girl a gown to wear to wedding. Thankfully there are some really beautiful dresses for little girls out there on the market. There are a plethora of styles but some designers make ones that are truly contemporary, sweet and impressive

Beautiful bridal outfits for girls are sold on etsy. One seller makes gowns of tulle in any color you want, including peach, pink, white, lime green and bright blue. These are basically giant ballerina skirts that are topped with big fake flowers at the bodice. You can also get just a skirt and have your child wear a comfortable T-shirt with it to be more of a casual ballerina style flower girl.

Flowers by Odyssey makes incredible heavy satin dresses for little girls. These are in oyster, chocolate and gold satin and are floor length, sleeveless and very tasteful. Some of them are tied with giant sashes with bows or decorated with one huge bow which is a huge trend in bridesmaid dresses right now.

If you love the look of snow white then you will love the OfDresses white chiffon and satin A line dress that in a crisp blue white that is rimmed with giant red flower petals at the bottom and tied with a big satin ribbon punctuated with a big red bow on the back.

Jorma is a company that also makes absolutely beautiful and very inexpensive strapless white flower girl dresses banded by gold and rip strips with lace up bodices tied with ribbons up the back. These dresses have an empire waist which is very cool in the summer and comfortable for a little girl to wear.

A little more expensive is the floral taffeta dress made by Baby discovery. This is a sleeveless dress with big pink roses on a white background that has a rose underslip and a giant rose colored sash. Great for a garden or outdoor wedding!
One of the hottest colors in little girl bridal dresses is deep purple! If you surf online you can find all kinds of beautiful and affordable styles with the most popular being a strapless style with a lots of pinning and ruching in a grape purple chiffon. This is the kind of dress for the little girl who is an individual and who wants to stand out.

Tiaras for Little Girls

Do you have a little girl who has the honor of being a flower girl at a wedding? If this is a case it means that she might have to wear a tiara. There might be other reasons why she might need to wear a tiara as well. For instance, many children that model in beauty pageants need to wear not one but several tiaras.

Believe it or not, they make tiaras for children as young as one year old. However a tiara that is made out of crystals, pearls or jewels can actually hurt a baby’s head. For the most part a tiara goes best on the head of a kid that has a lush full head of hair and on kids that can wear their hair stacked up on top of their head in a bun style. Without this in place the child’s tiara can fall off his or her head.

You do not need to go to a specialty store to buy a tiara for a child. Many bridal and tiara specialty places sell them for children. Furthermore most tiaras can be adjusted to fit any head-size including a child’s. Usually all it takes is bringing your kid to the tiara store so she can try one on to see if it fits. If you are ordering it online measure your child’s head to make sure that it is not going to be so big that it falls off of her skull.
Tiaras for little flower girls can be the sweetest little pieces of hair jewelry you have ever seen in your life. Many have a heart shape design in the center that fans out on the sides and are constructed of pearls and rhinestones. Usually a much larger diamond or pearl dangles in the center of the tiara.

You can get tall pointed styles that look like crowns or you can get flatter shapes that are more like headbands and a bit gentler on the head. You can also get them with centers that are in the shape of monograms or the first letter of your child’s name in the center. Common tiaras that are replicated are the Princess Grace, Shirley Temple, America Pageant, Princess Diaries, Audrey Hepburn, Princess Kate and Princess Diana.

One fun thing to do is throw a tiara party for all of the princesses in your neighborhood. There is nothing that little princesses love more than wearing their delightful crowns.

That New Car Smell Can Kill You and Your Kids

Do you like that “new car smell.” That “new car smell” might be composed of all kinds of toxic chemicals, according to a new study from a nonprofit organization called the ecology center. This study suggests that new car smell comes from toxic chemicals off-gassing in a car’s interior, like brominated flame retardants (BFRs), chromium, and lead. In all, researchers identified more than 275 different chemicals wafting around in the car. Many of these toxic chemicals, breathed in by you and your kids are associated with learning problems, birth defects, liver problems and of course – cancer!

The 2012 new vehicle study from the nonprofit Ecology Center analyzed the chemical content of more than 200 new cars for its top 10 healthy and unhealthy car interiors. The 2012 Honda Civic had the healthiest interior but that was because it did not have any PVC fabrics or trims or bromine-based flame retardants.

The worst new cars, when it comes to off-gassing, are the 2011 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport and 2011 Chrysler 200 SC, which both had high-levels of chemicals in them. These would be cars to avoid if you want to keep your children healthy.

So where do these poisons and toxins lurk inside the actual vehicle? Common areas that off gas are seats, arm rests, steering wheels, door trim, and shift knobs. The higher the temperature in the car the more chemicals it is going to release into the air. Chemicals found in some cars include chemical elements such as lead, cadmium, chlorine, arsenic, mercury, tin, and antimony. All of these chemicals can be absorbed through the skin and through the air.

The EPA says indoor air pollution is one of the top environmental threats to public health, since Americans spend 90% of their time indoors and indoor air pollution can be inside your car! Next to homes and offices, Americans spend the most time in automobiles, an average of one-and-a-half hours per day.

So it seems that if you are going to buy a car try to by one that does not smell so much like a new car as that would be an indication that it is going to break down less volatile compounds as time goes on. The smell would in fact, be an indication that you are about to buy a toxic vehicle. It is much better for you to stick to buying a vehicle that has been reported to have less off-gassing potential.

Which Mental Illnesses are Most Common in Children? I was shocked to learn that twenty percent of Amercian

I was shocked to learn that twenty percent of Amercian children suffer from mental illness according to the U.S. Surgeon general. This should make us, as parents, more aware of what the illnesses are that can affect young minds so that we can prevent them from growing up into troubled addicts.

Children are prone to suffering from anxiety orders. This causes them to respond to certain fears and situations with a great deal of dread. If your child is nervous, sweating and suffering from a rapid heartbeat in certain situations it may not be because he or she is being defiant. There may be a real phobia triggering the anxious reactions behind it that require treatment by a psychiatrist.

Kids with pervasive disorders have trouble understanding the world around them. They are not stupid kids. They simply perceive the world differently than everyone else. Kids like these might also suffer from learning or communication disorders; this is very common and keeps your kid from finding a great job as an adult or going on to higher education.

Teens with eating disorders are a great concern. Do not ignore this one! If you have a daughter who eats and then throws up to keep her weight down or one who is stick thin, get her to therapy immediately. This type of behavior is very self-destructive and also lingers into adult-hood. Teens with these disorders may also have trouble eliminating or urinating. They may develop phobias around eating because they do not want to make any waste.

Disruptive behavioral disorders, such as defiance disorder (where the child is very rebellious) can be a real problem and affect your child’s chances of staying in school. Defiant kids are often angry kids that go down the wrong path in life so be sure to get you kid help if he does exactly the opposite of what all of the elders tell him to do in life. Remember too, that as you take this kind of child to treatment, that is not a bad or evil kid, he simply suffers from a compulsion to defy anything that he feels might control him.

Nail Polish For Little Girls

There comes a time in a mom’s life when her little girl starts asking her if she can wear nail polish. Should you say yes?

Unfortunately nail polish and nail removers that are made for adults contain all kinds of toxins and poisons that can kill a child. Furthermore many adult colors are too bright and too strong for little kids to wear. A little girl wearing burgundy Yves St. Laurent nail polish just looks like prey for a pedophile.

Thankfully there are a couple of companies that specifically make nail polish for youngsters. One brand that does this is AllyKats. This is a non-toxic nail polish that peels easily off the fingers. This peeling off perk not only gives a bored kid something to do it also means that you do not have to use any kind of nail polish remover at all.

Allykats nail polish is also water-based and it does not small. The colors are great too. They come in a flesh pink, a light rose pink, a candy red, purple, red and turquoise. The cute little bottles have a pic of a cat and are both star shaped and heart shaped. The company also sells frosts, glosses and shimmers that can change the appearance of the nails as well.

Another safe odorless polish brand for kids is called Piggy Paint. It is all a water based formula that is non-toxic, odorless and that does not smell. It dries to a hard, durable finish and is free of all of the usual crap that causes cancer and that you typically find in adult nail polishes such as formaldehyde, toluene, phthalates, ethyl acetate and acetone. Furthermore there is no odor to these polishes which can aggravate asthma and other illnesses in children.

Other companies that make similar nail polishes for children are Snails Nail Polish, Refreshingly Free, Polished Mama, Little Bu (for sweetly sophisticated girls) and Fancy Polish (for delicate fingers or toes.) Snails, Little Bu and Polished Mama can all simply be washed up with some water and a bit of scrubbing. No nail polish remover required!

Some of the colors are so nice you will want to wear them yourself. Even better you might start wearing them yourself in order to avoid absorbing the toxins typically in adult nail polishes and nail polish removers. That way your daughter will have you around for a long time.

When Your Girl Wants to Be Like Barbie

It can be dismaying to hear from your little girl that she wants to look just like Barbie. She is not exactly a feminist icon. However she is not such a bad role model if you want to look at Barbie in terms of being a mover and a shaker who is motivated and practices good hygiene. In fact you can use the example of Barbie to teach your little girl about how to look good.

For instance, to look like Barbie your little girl has to have long hair. You can use the example of how well-cared for Barbie’s hair must be to get so long and shiny. This helps teach your girl to wash, condition, comb out and style her own hair. There are also products you can buy that make hair shiny that are not toxic and that your child can simply smooth on her hair.

One thing to keep noting about Barbie is how clean she is. Tell her that Barbie takes a shower every day and brushes her teeth. She always washes her face and hangs up her clothes at the end of the day. Make your little girl feel the need to be organized in order to look good.

You can also teach your child how to put on sunscreen so she can have unblemished skin like Barbie. It is also a nice idea to teach your little girls how to moisturize or oil their skin after a bath so they can have smooth skin like Barbie too.

Barbie also gives your child a lot of ideas about how to wear make-up. Buy the bright oranges and pinks and the blue or green eye shadows that Barbie wears so she can identify with her look. A powder puff with translucent powder can also help your kid look fantastic. Most little girls who get to wear make-up like this become very happy.

You can also buy special make-up kits for younger girls that have the brand name Barbie on them. This prevents your child from making herself up to look like a whore. Older girls can shop with you for Barbie like colors so they learn how to buy make-up. If your kid is too young to wear lipstick you can buy them tinted lip balm.

Most Barbies have pink or coral colored nail polish on their fingers. You can spend quality time with your little girl by taking the time to apply nail polish with her.