12 Pack Fuzzi bunz Cloth Diapers-BOY Colors LARGE

Buy the 12 Pack Fuzzi bunz Cloth Diapers-BOY Colors LARGE

FuzziBunz diapers have a SUPERIOR FASTENING SYSTEM. Durable snaps stay strong. Unlike diapers with Velcro, ours don’t scratch your baby. FuzziBunz are made to stay strong for years and years saving you time, money and hassle! The ORIGINAL POCKET DESIGN with some great improvements! FuzziBunz diapers have ADJUSTABLE WAIST AND LEG SETTINGS so you get a customized fit every time, no matter baby’s shape and size. REINFORCED LEG CASINGS make it so your diapers don’t leak! The extra sewn line around the leg that means we didn’t skimp in making sure our leg openings fit snugly around your baby’s leg without leaving marks on baby’s skin. FuzziBunz diapers are EASY TO STUFF. Our pocket design enables parents to fill the cover with a microterry insert or other absorbent materials (Hemp is a great material for super-soaker babies) and then also easily shake out the insert into the diaper pail. FuzziBunz remain the TRIMMEST FITTING DIAPER on the market today and its fit is most similar to disposable diapers but without the guilt or waste. Our diapers are sized perfectly to hug your baby’s curves and move with your baby’s motions ensuring a comfortable and happy baby. FuzziBunz has UNIQUE TOP STITCHING that shows our commitment to manufacturing high-quality, long-lasting diapers, saving you time and energy with each diaper change. FuzziBunz diapers come in great colors, each comes with 1 free microterry insert! Additional inserts, Hemp and Microterry, are sold separately, see our listings for more information. Caring for your FuzziBunz: Fuzzi Bunz are single use diapers. Wash both the Fuzzi Bunz and insert after each use. Most babies will experience little to no diaper rash after using FuzziBunz. Do not use any rash or diaper ointments or creams with the diapers. When wet, separate insert and Fuzzi Bunz and store in a dry diaper pail. If soiled, simply knock solids into toilet. Small solids stuck to the fleece will dissolve in the wash.
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Price: 309.12

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